Consultation on Proposed Fee Increases and Bylaw Amendments

Feedback deadline was: Nov. 22, 2018


This consultation is now closed.

At its September 2018 meeting, Council approved the College’s operational budget for 2019, the first in the College’s new three-year strategic plan. The budget includes new spending required to continue to meet society’s expectation for the timely resolution of matters brought to the College’s attention while effectively influencing the emerging practice issues facing the profession from a regulatory perspective.

Meeting this challenge requires more resources. Accordingly, the College’s 2019 budget includes increases to fees in all categories of registrants and pharmacies. Fee increases to support the budget will take effect January 1, 2019; however, the required increase for registrant renewal fees will be phased in over two years.

Below is an example of what the fee changes will look like:

Type Adjusted Annual Fees $
Pharmacist 600 to 675 (2019)
675 to 750 (2020)
Pharmacy Technician 400 to 450 (2019)
450 to 500 (2020)
Community Pharmacy
940 to 1,175 (2019)
Hospital Pharmacy 3,500 to 4,375 (2019)
Registration Fee 300 to 375 (2019)

Please refer to 2019 fee schedule for further details.

In establishing the fees, Council acknowledged that registrant fees have not been increased in nine years due in part to the growth in registrants. Council also noted that, had registrant fees increased annually by cost of living (2.5%), they would have surpassed the amount being proposed for 2019. Further, Council noted that fees in Ontario will remain the lowest across the country when compared with other pharmacy colleges and at the lower end of other health profession fees in the province.

As per Section 94(2) of the Health Professions Procedural Code, the bylaw amendments that enable fee increases are being circulated to registrants prior to final Council approval. Along with the bylaw amendments to enable the fee increases, Council also proposed changes to bylaws related to the public register and other miscellaneous amendments. The bylaw amendments requiring circulation can be found below.

The College is posting these bylaw changes for open consultation for a period of 60 days, after which Council will receive a report on the input received through the consultation for consideration at the next Council meeting. To ensure that we have a complete and accurate record of all feedback submitted to the College on this matter and that this is done in a transparent manner, please review the resources on this page and submit your feedback online by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.


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