Feedback for Proposed Changes to the DPRA regulations

Pharmacist  ·  May 4, 2015

With respect to loosening the regulations to allow advertising of prices of single Schedule 1 drugs, it makes absolutely no sense at all to do that from a "protection of the public" perspective. I get it that there are pressures to do so from commercial interests, that the Competition Bureau might like that, that "everyone else is allowing it", but are those valid reasons to do so ? What we will end up with is an American style free-for-all on prescription drugs that will involve manufacturers and large corporate interests using the watered down regs to encourage patients to transfer prescriptions to the pharmacy-of-the-day. Patients will ask their doctor for prescriptions that fit their wallet condition and not their medical condition. The fee waiving wars amongst pharmacies will pale by comparison and hard fought efforts to promote the professionalism of pharmacists will disintegrate in favour of commodity selling retail tactics. This proposed change cannot possibly benefit good patient care or the public image of the pharmacist. Let us not give in to the wrong reasons on this and open the doors to a situation that is not necessary nor of any benefit to those OCP is mandated to protect. Leave the Schedule 1 advertising regs as they were or tighten them up even further.

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