Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 21, 2017

Having worked in a retail chain community pharmacy setting for nearly 10 years my feed back is as under - pharmacist need a meal break to maintain physical and mental health. A 30 minute break would not affect the patient care as there is rarely an emergency situation. Patients returning form ER are mostly provided with initial treatment while follow ups are being prescribed. Stress level on a pharmacist working with a retail chain has gone up significantly with drastic reduction in support staffing level. This is in fact a deterrent to the expanded scope of practice. - Availability and supply of pharmacist is so much than a demand that : *it is quick and easy to get relief pharmacist *wages have shrunk to a level not matching with the knowledge, expertise and responsibilities that thisprofession demand.there has to be a minimum wage standard different for pharmacists *pharmacist do not have a bargaining power if any employment condition is left on mutual agreement between pharmacist and an employer. pharmacist benefits only if its a law. *employer expect us to work 8 to 10 hours without chair, microwave and meal breaks Prolonged standing, tiredness and fatigue make it more difficult to perform cognitive tasks leading to more dispensing errors. -stores do close on public holidays and pharmacist should also have privileges such as public holidays and vacation in order to maintain work -life balance. Employer can decide to keep pharmacy open on public holidays and schedule those pharmacist who are willing to work on the day without making it mandatory.In my experience, patient turn out is very limited during public holidays. A gap of at least 8 hours should be provided between two consecutive shifts specially in big cities where commute time is longer. In normal circumstances, pharmacist should have privileges of vacation pay and emergency leave just as any other employee has. It will not affect the patient care since that can be taken care of by other internal or external pharmacist. This should not affect employer since all other employees are given these benefits. Being a health care practitioners, we are obligated to return to work in case of real emergency situations.

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