Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 22, 2017

Unhealthy working conditions is a major issue in community pharmacy nowadays. Forget about food, I have many times really struggled to go to washroom too. Major reason for dispensing errors is extreme workload and unhealthy working conditions in my opinion. How do you expect a human who stands up to 12 hours or sometimes 16 hours straight without eating or resting could function properly ? It is in best interest of public to have pharmacists lunch breaks As it would lead to safe and healthy pharmacist which will lead to less errors and efficient service. If shifts are more than 8 hours then pharmacists should be paid overtime. The reason behind it is to avoid such shifts and if needed 12 hours shift more breaks. Pharmacist job does require more attention and it's not like you are sitting on a chair and working so after certain amount of time your attention decreases and it gets difficult to focus and run around. Definitely I am in favor of making pharmacist working conditions humane. Yes to 30 mins lunch and two 15 mins breaks if 8 hours shift. Overtime after 8 hours and all pharmacists must be paid for every minute they work. Realistic workload and enough assistants coverage according to volume of work.! Yes pharmacists are really keen to do more for their patients but pharmacist doesn't grow extra two hands in flu season and give 20 flu shots on Monday without overlap while doing more than 150 rx and showing customers where is vitamin e cream on shelf and answering a question on phone that why insurance company charged patient more coz experienced assistant called in sick and new assistant doesn't know much about insurance plans and called other assistants but nobody is available. Oh pharmacist did not get time to drink a sip of water that day nor rested for 2 mins in the whole shift.

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