Feedback for Proposed Changes to the DPRA regulations

Pharmacist  ·  May 5, 2015

With respect to "Requirements of a Pharmacy" section 19: "Every pharmacy must, (a) be safe, clean, orderly, and properly maintained". Common food allergens in the dispensary would not meet the definition of safe or clean, at least not to an anaphylaxis-prone patient. The fact is that many staff pharmacists are forced to eat in the dispensary because we are exempt from the provincial employment standards that allow meal breaks for employees. And so we are bringing common food allergens like nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, fish, shellfish, etc. etc. into the dispensary as a matter of our own survival. Since we may be alone in the dispensary and multi-tasking, we may not have time to wash hands before we have to answer the phone or touch other equipment. Other healthcare environments are getting serious about limiting consumption of food to non-patient care areas. Change cannot happen in pharmacies until there is a change in the employment standards governing pharmacists; there's too much pressure on individual pharmacists in their workplaces to challenge the status quo. OCP is tasked with protecting the public. Clearly this issue is bigger than DPRA but, as a profession, let's start moving in the right direction.

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