Feedback for Proposed Changes to the DPRA regulations

Pharmacist  ·  May 5, 2015

I am adding further comments and thoughts to my colleague's feedback (#9-dated March 26,2015) regarding advertising of waiving of ODB fees.

This type of advertising is A PUBLIC DECLARATION OF UNJUSTIFIED FAVORITISM AND/OR PREJUDICE. Isn't that unethical? Would OCP allow the advertising of waiving of fees for cash-paying patients? (After all,the ODB patients are already being subsidized by the province.) Would OCP accept the advertising of waiving of fees for other third-parties such as Green Shield ? Is it acceptable to advertise waiving of fees for all brown-eyed patients? or if you are wearing green on St.Patrick's Day?

My optometrist's office recently sent me a reminder to arrange a date for a check-up. To quote from part of that letter "In Ontario, Optometrists are legally PROHIBITED from publicly advertising products and prices" (capitalization of PROHIBITED was done by Optometrists). Are Pharmacists expected to have lower standards of advertising than Optometrists?

If OCP continues to condone any form of public advertising of waiving of ODB fees,the public image of Pharmacists is sullied by the actions of some members. (In other words, makes our public image stink.)

DPRA Part V Advertising #30 ODBA information, allowing PUBLIC DECLARATION OF FAVORITISM should be completely deleted.

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