Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 23, 2017

Pharmacist should have an uninterrupted lunch break for at least 30 minutes like any other profession. Even doctors close for lunch for a full hour. If there is an emergency, the patient should go to the hospital anyway not to the family doctor's office or pharmacy. Lunch break gives pharmacist time to eat and relax their mind. This is for the benefit of the patient. Pharmacist will be able to perform better for the patient's sake if he or she is not hungry/thirsty and have had time to wind down and will have clearer mind to make clinical decisions.

We should also have 15 minute break after 2 hours in the morning, afternoon, and evening to use the washroom and eat snacks. Pharmacist are humans too with medical conditions and personal needs.

If the pharmacy is open for 12 hours, the owners should be mandated to have a minimum of one assistant working with the pharmacist for the full 12 hours. If their budget for labour cannot allow this, the owner should cut down their hours to 8 hours only. Making the pharmacist do all the technical job in the pharmacy plus adding extra professional services (like flu shot, other injections, on top of checking prescriptions, etc.) is NOT good for the safety of the patient. It is a recipe for dispensing error.

The dispensing errors in the pharmacy is becoming rampant. It was even been featured on the CBC news. Most people have no idea that pharmacists do not have breaks. Also, additional responsibilities are given to pharmacists like flu shots but pharmacy owners are cutting down labour hours for assistants. This is putting the public's health at risk. If the public knew about this, then they will realize that no wonder there's more dispensing error happening.

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