Feedback for Proposed Changes to the DPRA regulations

Pharmacist  ·  May 6, 2015

Now is a prefect time for the college to protect the public from insurance plans that restrict the choice of pharmacist/pharmacy. But VI (18) needs to be expanded. Consider the type I diabetic with significant drug costs who can't be home for delivery of their cooler, or the mental health patient who needs drugs the same day on a Friday afternoon, WHAT IF they have insurance that covers 60% locally, 80% by mail order? I am seeing patients make very dangerous choices since such an agreement went into place in my town. The college should define this as an unfair restriction of choice."No pharmacy can sign an agreememt that restricts the choice of pharmacist/pharmacy by the member of an insured group by means of obtaining a greater insurance reimbursement to themselves vs any other pharmacy by the insurance of that group" for example.

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