Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 24, 2017

I agree with what one of the pharmacist mentioned...breaks will not really solve anything. Big companies will just use other methods to try and "recoup" their losses for that half an hour pharmacists go on break. At the end, the pharmacist will end up doing the same amount of work, and getting paid less! Because let's face it, companies will probably make those breaks unpaid, so by enforcing these breaks, pharmacists will end up rushing to finish all the work that was accumulated while they were taking their breaks and would be more of a patient safety concern.

If anything, college should implement some sort of rule that if the store is dispensing a certain average number of prescriptions a day, medschecks, OTC sales, etc., there should be a minimum of X number of staff on site to ensure prescriptions are being dispensed in a safe manner with less distractions for pharmacists. I know that when I am checking prescriptions and being interrupted constantly, pressure to fulfil prescriptions within a certain period of time...8-12 hours straight with extreme lack of help, I wonder how college is doing nothing about patient safety - is the college really THAT clueless to what is REALLY going on in retail pharmacy? The environment that pharmacists are working in are crazy - it is unsafe for patients who rely on pharmacists to put their full 100% in ensuring their prescriptions are accurate and safe. It honestly is more of a safety concern for patients than for pharmacists. It is time for the college to do something about it.

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