Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 24, 2017

If these exemptions continue, it means that society does not consider pharmacists to be humans - they are working like machines in professional settings with increasing demands to work alone, longer hours, complete med checks and without technicians ... this is not good for safe delivery of optimal health care. If the only time you get to eat is while on the toilet while you are being paged and still chewing a bite of food so you don't pass out - might as well make that the lunch room!Also inflectional control/our college does not want food in the dispensary, so opportunity for nutrition is minimal.

There are models of delivering good pharmacy care to the public while the pharmacists are treated humanely. Our services are not emergent. Systems of timely services around these breaks can be implemented. I do not know of any other professional service that can be accessed free of charge 24/7 - anyone from anywhere in the world can call and obtain professional advice from a pharmacist on the telephone without an appointment or a fee. Try asking a lawyer if he charges for every minute and after you get your response, you will get a bill for the time it took him to respond.

Pharmacists are not monkeys, and should not be continually asked to jump when anyone walks in the pharmacy door. They can still be on the premises, but permitted to take a short break every 3 hours, and a civilized lunch that does not promote fatigue, stress and health care disorders - I think most would gladly give up the extra hour of pay for this.

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