Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 28, 2017

First and foremost the minimum wage exception and vacation should be removed as every employer that I have worked for, or interviewed for, has offered entitlements that exceed the current ESA. Amending these exceptions would not impact patient care. Allowing for vacation would improve work life balance and the care that I can provide my patients. Vacation time also gives me time to enroll and complete CE courses to further improve my practice.

Secondly, pharmacist should be entitlement to overtime rates to discourage employers from scheduling greater then 8 hour shifts. I generally work 12 hour shifts and find that I am tired by the end which increases the chances of errors. I also find that my attention span becomes reduced after 8 hours which could impact patient care. Including overtime provisions would discourage long shifts and therefore improve patient care.

Pharmacist should be included in normal sick day provisions as many do not call in sick when they are sick. This is dangerous to patients as pharmacist see many sick and venerable people and could easy spread infections. Additionally, coming to work sick also increases the changes of errors and poor patient care, as a sick pharmacist would not have the same levels of concentration as a healthy person. There currently are many relief agencies and floater pharmacists available to cover shifts so patient access would not be impacted. In community pharmacy a patient can come in at anytime normally, they’re process in place already to ensure continuity of care between pharmacists.

Pharmacists should be entitled to break time as working for 8 or 12 hours without a meal or bathroom breaks is inhumane. Both are these are basic needs for a person. I find it very difficult to eat during a 12 hour shift, sometimes not consuming any food until 8 or 9 hours in. My concentration is reduced as I do get lighted headed from the lack of food which could impact patient care. Having defined breaks would reduce this. Most patients wait 20 minutes or more for prescriptions and often do not come back until the next day. A break in work flow like a most physician offices have would not impact access to medications. There are also many pharmacies, if a patient requires urgent care and can not wait 30 minutes over a lunch break.

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