Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 28, 2017

As a pharmacist who has worked at retail setting and closed for lunch in the past and experienced all rush and frustration after opening after lunch, I would say that it is better and less stressful not close the pharmacy and have break and lunch in the back of the pharmacy while still accessible for the patients. Till now , none of them has any problems if they were told that I will be with them in certain period of time or if they need to wait little bit longer for their prescriptions. It is up to us to organize out time and workflow to allow us to have break/ lunch. Being accessible all the time is very important for our patients . We receive calls form the hospital all the time requesting list of the medications for patients. What will happen if pharmacy was closed to allow lunch / break for the pharmacist? What may happen to that patient that can not recall what meds he/ she is on or his/ her allergies and is in need of emergency surgery or procedure? Are we putting our breaks and our comfort before our patients ? Working extra hours has never been a problem as it is busy just certain time of the day , not all the time. However, working more then 12 hours can be sometimes exhausting if it is busy. Being part of a big company I ( and rest of pharmacists, I believe) have never had problems with any vacation request, personal , sick days or any Public Holidays.

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