Feedback for Proposed Changes to the DPRA regulations

Pharmacist  ·  May 7, 2015

Re: Advertising of Schedule 1 Drugs

Historically, I believe that the requirement for listing prices of at least fifteen prescription drug costs, in at least ten categories,was created in response to some pharmacies wanting to advertise discount prescription prices for birth control prescriptions.

These proposed changes look like of a re-run of a previous game, but including more drugs (maybe Viagra?)

Advertising of single or a few multiple prescriptions has the potential to adversely affect patient care because it may encourage "cherry-picking" at various locations, rather than the ideal of continuity of care at the pharmacy of choice. Such advertising could also give the misleading impression that a bargain-offering pharmacy would have lower overall prices.

OCP probably has records of the discussions which occurred when the previous legislation was created, which would present more reasons for the existence of this legislation. Please review.

I still question whether there is really any need to advertise prescription prices. After all, anyone can just ask at a pharmacy. I also wonder who is pushing for these changes, as I doubt this request for change came from the front-line pharmacists who give direct personal care to their patients.

I believe that the previous legislation requiring the list of fifteen prices be continued. The idea of also specifying start and stop dates for the prices may be a valid additional requirement to advertising prices. Maybe it would be allowable to place an asterisk next to "real deals" on the price lists.

In order to continue to encourage patients to keep their prescription records in one pharmacy of their choice (therefore enabling better and more complete continuity of care) the current legislation requiring the list of at least fifteen drugs in ten categories should be continued.

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