Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 30, 2017

The only problem that we, as Pharmacists, have difficulties with are doing long shifts with no opportunity to eat. When you work thru a normal lunch period for example because people come to the pharmacy at that time, then you get low blood sugar, rumbling stomach and you can not concentrate....add this to inablity to take a bathroom break...makes for a difficult lifestyle...then you add on midnight shifts, 2 weekend shifts/mo and looking after a family...very is always at the mercy of your employer. The public are not always understanding nor kind. Extra services to bring income to a pharmacy is the balance must be managed by experts who can organize and multitask well. if you do not have proper support staff then the difficulties can be intensified.
Having said the above, I love my job and I rise to the occasion to meet challenges and an anxious to solve problems...but not on an empty stomach and not unless I can leave for a bathroom break. is a huge problem.

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