Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 30, 2017

Exemptions for pharmacists currently under the ESA should be removed and pharmacists allowed formal uninterrupted breaks, sick leave and benefits other employees enjoy as pharmacists are human beings too! We work long shifts and we remain standing for the whole shift. Some big companies allow their staff to close for meal time similar to doctors' offices this should be mandatory for all pharmacies.. OCP, OPA and the Ontario government need to help pharmacists further educate the public about the importance of a pharmacists' job and that patience from all involved is needed to ensure thorough, accurate dispensing and counselling leading to less stress for all. Big corporations continue to care only about their bottom line by insisting on quotas of professional activities with minimal support staff for the pharmacist (usually only one pharmacist is on duty and they must do their regular work in addition to the professional activities or suffer consequences such as termination) If the pharmacist and pharmacy staff are not taken care of, ultimately, it is not just them who are in harms way but also the public as an overworked, stressed, unhappy , ill pharmacist cannot provide proper care to their patients. We are health professionals yet the work conditions we face by our employers are deplorable and jeopardize our own health. The tremendous amount of unnecessary stress contributes to many illnesses. So please have a moral backbone and remove these exemptions from the ESA and ensure pharmacists as well as all employees are taken care of in a HAPPY, SAFE , POSITIVE work environment. A healthier and happier society will fuel performance, achievement, and save costs and ultimately improve a company's bottom line. Good and fair employment standards are every employees right!

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