Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 1, 2017

It is certainly encouraging that the Ontario government is looking to overhaul the Employment Standards, and noteworthy is that they had asked OCP, instead of OPA (nothing against the OPA). Is there not a correlation between physical/mental well-being of pharmacists and public safety? In other jurisdictions, the professional governing bodies even prescribe assistant:pharmacist ratios (lots of data from their experience we can learn from). And no, the one employment place that closes for lunch cannot hire all pharmacists. This leads to the next point. This company (a foreign corporation) knows that although pharmacists are, for unbelievably absurd reasons, exempt from the Employment Standards (when most pharmacists are employees), still allows the pharmacy department to close for lunch just like they do in their home country for the past x number of years, and there have been no public uproar that I have read about, no harm done to the public (because pharmacists need to eat lunch and cannot serve them for 30 minutes). So, they have set precedent, and amending the Employment Standard is not an experiment. Or, you can continue to counsel the public about long term side effects of PPI, and instead of hearing you, the public hears the growling sound of your tummy, and feels bad for you. There was an option in the other survey, where you they suggest the pharmacist can eat, but they will just have Regulated Techs not eat and cover for you. I suppose if they include pharmacists back in the Employment Standard, somebody else will have to be excluded?

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