Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Public  ·  Dec. 1, 2017

As a pharmacist emeritus having practiced the profession for 47 years with the current standards in place I feel this current status allows us professional freedom. If you don't want to miss lunch, work long shifts and miss vacations, make a professional decision for your own health and safety. We do this for our patients with every prescription filled. Do we want it legislated how much time each patient or prescription or procedure should take? If your employer doesn't care about your health and well-being, does it care about the patient's.? Being a professional 24/7 doesn't mean working 24/7, set your own boundaries and triage your time and responsibilities ; other professionals do this. They establish appointment based practices in some cases. Be confident. Be professional. Do not relinquish your freedom of choice in when and how you deliver pharmaceutical care.

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