Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 1, 2017

It does come down to both public and pharmacist safety. There should be a law that prohibits working continuously without getting breaks. I practically have to beg for me to eat if I am lucky lunch at 3pm (12 hour shifts). I get very cranky when I am hungry for a biological reason and this affects my relationship with my patients and co-workers. We work thru dizzy spells and headaches when we hold our pee and hunger. I know I share this with a lot of my colleagues issues with our healths to chronic acid reflux, leg/hip/back pains and hypertension all work related. It is ridiculously inhumane.

It is funny that everytime I talk to another person outside pharmacy about these work conditions I always get 'but isn't it in the labour law that you get breaks?'. It is almost incomprehensible to another human being these work conditions.

There are days I feel so much pity for myself asking myself 'is it really too much to ask for basic human needs of proper bathroom breaks and lunch??'

If we expect that as a profession that we take care of another human being, it is time we also take care of ourselves and in turn we can give more. We cannot give something when we do nkt have it ourselves.

This is LONG over-due.

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