Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 4, 2017

Pharmacists are facing more and more pressures at the work site. With expanded scope such as providing flu shots and travel vaccines, with the potential for pharmacists to begin prescribing for minor ailments we absolutely need mandated time to nourish our minds with food. I am not sure if any one else out there has worked while you are starving but your thought process begins to cloud. We aren't doing simple mental tasks, we have a great deal of responsibility to the public. When we aren't functioning optimally because we haven't eaten since we have arrived to our job, we are a risk. As for overtime pay, corporations have very much taken advantage of not having to pay us overtime. Pharmacists should be compensated additionally for working additional hours beyond a full time job (40 hrs/week). Not related to this post, but providing feedback none the less, corporations are very much taking advantage of our professional services. Is OCP aware that pharmacists, aside from their salary, do not/rarely see any of the compensation from the government for providing services? Not a cent. To make it worse, we have quotas and mandates to perform said services so that we can fill some DM/CEO's pockets. There should be a mandate that at least a fraction of clinical service fees charged to the government would be compensated to the pharmacist providing that fee. Also, there should be more advocacy from our college to make sure we are equitably compensated for our services, compared to other health care professionals providing the same or similar services.

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