Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 4, 2017

Pharmacists are the only health care providers that are exempt from employment standards. This includes no lunch break, working long hours (12, 13 or even 14 for some people). Physicians, nurses, optometrists, dentists all get lunch break. My family doctor closes his clinic for an hour to have lunch break. The same should be allowed for pharmacies. When a clinic is closed they say "Please go to the emergency department or call 911 if it is urgent".

In the hospital (emergency department), they have proper employment standards where they can still have lunch break as someone is always on duty. Patients wait hours in the hospital despite that there may be an emergency or they are feeling pain. Patients can wait the extra half an hour or hour for the pharmacy too.

Some days I go 12 hours without eating and I am always standing on my feet. This greatly increases the risk of errors and puts patient safety on the line.

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