Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 4, 2017

With majority of pharmacies now run by corporations trying to squeeze every cent, and increased number of pharmacists competing for limited number of jobs, this has created an environment that offers job to lowest bidder (pharmacist), who may be more comfortable forgoing other benefits or necessities in order to secure the job. Although this may be wage/price set by supply and demand, this is pressuring these same pharmacists to take additional risks by not being able to ask their manager or supervisor for arrangements to take breaks (meal or washroom) whatsoever (fearing repercussions their job security), and at the end of the day, putting patients at risk by not being able to think clearly whether it's due to not having to eat properly or worried about "accidents" because they aren't able to use the restroom in timely fashion. Although pharmacists are healthcare "professionals", I don't think many enjoy benefits or even meet basic necessities in their workplace as other professionals would, other than higher wage compared to rest of Canadian population, especially for new pharmacists entering the workplace. In order to protect the public from employers abusing pharmacists who cannot speak for themselves, there should be set minimum breaks without interruptions offered by employers, which is mandated by law, so that pharmacists can actually work as "professionals" in their field and do what is best for patients with clear thinking in their head.

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