Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 5, 2017

It is time to put an end to the deteriorating conditions the staff pharmacists face. I take bathroom breaks hastily while assistants and technicians enjoy a full one hour break. I have no time to eat BUT I am allowed to eat behind the counter while checking prescriptions and answering phone calls. The phone never stops ringing and I am expected to answer patients professionally and take verbals. Salaries are constant while inflation is not. Basic salary will increase and the response of employers: pharmacists are expected to do "More for Less". The public has the College to support their rights but who advocates for the pharmacists? Pharmacists should have a healthy number of Rx's per hour per day per pharmacist so that the market would expand to include more pharmacists! If the corporations are not profitable they close, I do not see any closing, they are actually expanding! If the entire load is thrown on the staff pharmacist, and the moment she/he does a mistake, due to stressful working conditions, she/he is the one to be blamed! Unfortunately, her/his error is not the worst nightmare BUT it is the health of the patient/victim who has been put at RISK and will have no choice but to SUFFER the consequences! OCP and ISMP promote system approach for medication errors so I guess the first and foremost system to be looked at should be the environment where the errors are made, why pharmacists are slipping!? If I am supposed to reason the pharmacotherapy problems, communicate with other HCP's, answer ringing phones, do In & Out 5 mins Flu shots and counsel patients so at least I should have a limit number of prescriptions per shift/hour, a decent washroom break, time to eat, overtime pay and annual salary increases like anyone else in the workplace!

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