Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 6, 2017

Please be reminded that PHARMACISTS ARE PROFESSIONALS, who could take a reasonable break if they need to without the need to remove the ESA exemptions, and without the pharmacy needing to close for lunch but rather patients wait a few more minutes for pharmaceutical care. Compare this with the practice medicine, where it is not uncommon for patients to wait for hours for service.

The primary issue here is that non-pharmacist business people are largely running the practice of community pharmacy without being held accountable in any manner. Consequently many pharmacists suffer psychologically and physically with this unjust practice model as they are ultimately accountable to the public and sometimes even punished publically because of the adverse circumstances their corporations impose on their pharmacists.

As a REGULATED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL a pharmacist has a FIDUCIARY DUTY to ensure he or she is able to serve and protect the public. We as pharmacists and our College cannot continue to allow ruthless corporations to try to force pharmacists to work in adverse conditions. There is significant risk for PUBLIC DANGER when we allow unethical business people whose sole interest is profit, and who have no formal pharmacy or healthcare training whatsoever, to own and operate pharmacies. This public feedback is not about needing permission by the Ministry to eat lunch, but rather about finally being able and protected to ACT AS PROFESSIONALS IN CONTROL OF OUR PROFESSION.

Clearly many pharmacists struggle to take a reasonable lunch break not because they are not allowed to per se, but because of the inadequate staffing situation created by their employer, which leads to an UNSAFE practice environment. For the sake of public protection and to uphold the dignity and honour of our profession, the OCP must swiftly intervene to stop this situation by holding any operator of a pharmacy fully accountable. Pharmacists have a fiduciary duty to address an unsafe practice environment and report any PROPRIETARY MISCONDUCT (as well as professional misconduct) to the authorities.

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