Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 9, 2017

I work 12 hour shifts by myself, I put out totes of stock (yes as a pharmacist I do). I answer the phones I do cash, I deal with patients requests and questions some about healthcare and some not. Of course fill and check prescriptions, as well as get in touch with doctors, give flu shots and other vaccines etc, barely have 5 minutes to eat or go to the bathroom without someone waiting for me when I return. I believe our working conditions need to improve to be more productive and well respected in our profession. By the 8th hour I am physically and mentally exhausted but forced to push through it because I have no other choice. I would welcome a 30 minute break in a 12 hour day just to re charge and step away for a little to be more productive.

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