Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 14, 2017

This is the first time OCP ask us our working condition. I really appreciate this opportunity for the Ministry of labour. Unfortunately many pharmacists did not know this opportunity. There are numbers of concerns regarding to pharmacist working conditions however only one thing we need is to have a body who can listen to us and protect us. Therefore it is important that we received the protection of the employment standards Act. Those concerns follow Break 30min paid break should be minimum for 12 hours shift. It really depends on how many assistants we have as well. Pharmacists are too hungry or tired, mistake tend to happen more. Obviously, this is bad for the public. Many pharmacies do not have area pharmacists can eat. Eating at dispensary area is not sanitary and dose not look professional. Staying extra if pharmacists need to stay to work, company should pay hours. It is not expected 1.5 times pay just pay the hours we worked. Many companies do not pay those hours so we need to leave the job. Patients suffer when pharmacists who are familiar with them have to leave a job, but we can work indefinitely under these conditions. Many companies ask pharmacists open the store ready on time for opening hour. It take 10 to 15 minutes to open by one pharmacist. However we do not get paid that time for each shift. Wage Some of us have received no wage increase for more than decade. We pay high tuition, invest time and effort to get a licence, but wage is less than $30 in GTA for relief pharmacists. Long service pharmacists are being let go in order to switch new licensed one. The value of experience, which is important for patients, is lost. Setting OCP considers confidentiality is important but never restricts the setting. Everyone can hear the conversation. No time for going to counselling room. Even Bank has better setting. Customer line up with distance and wait for next service. Confidentiality is important for public. OCP thinks we are the most accessible healthcare professionals but public is not thinking we are professional. We are often asked where the non pharmacy items are since company cut labour on the floor. Our job, we cannot make any mistakes to check Rx. But when we are checking Rx, patients are waiting to drop off Rx, waiting to pick up Rx and pay or just paying items, asking flu shot, telephone are ringing, another patients are asking question over the wall at once without any assistants. It is almost impossible to concentrate to check Rx. Because we have open concept. Nobody wants to wait if there is access. Also many pharmacies have no Chair. Often pharmacists need to stand up for 12 to 16 hours without chairs, with using brain. We are exhausted with painful legs. More chances to make mistake. We need legal protection for workplace health and safety.

Sick OCP need to change the regulation in order to allow a sick pharmacist to leave. If the pharmacist is sick, we should not work in order to protect public. If necessary, company need to close the pharmacy. Pharmacists should not wait untill next pharmacist is coming. Sometimes nobody comes. Same as emergency leave. We know we cannot leave whatever happens but it is very stressful and miserable. Extra scope Before launching this new extra jobs for pharmacists, OCP should have regulated pharmacy must have extra assistant or pharmacist can not work alone. Dangerous to public if pharmacists have too many tasks at once. Also courses are required. Some companies do not pay the fee. Most of company do not pay the time we need to attend it. Besides most of pharmacists do not get any extra payments for that new role. No Target Many companies have target for professional service. If neighbor pharmacy ask to borrow flu shot, many pharmacies do not give them because of target numbers. Is that benefit for public? Pharmacy business It is used to be only pharmacists could own a pharmacy. The ratio should be considered to change back. We are pharmacists, know the patient’s need because we see and talk to them everyday. We should be the one who can decide the pharmacy business in order to give the best benefit for public. Shareholders are not pharmacists. Of course, they think about revenue but not quality or safety for public. Bill 102 In 2006 Bill 102 came on. After everything about pharmacy business was affected badly. ODB could save money then all the squeeze came to pharmacists. We are afraid this Bill 148 will make our situation worse. For example, our wage is more than $15, our vacation weeks are more than 3 weeks. After this Bill 148 will be on, we hope we will not have worse situation.

The end, we really need to have organization who can protect us. I believe if we are exempted, we cannot have it. So it is strongly agreed we need the protection under the employment standards act.

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