Feedback for Exemptions and Exclusions Under the Employment Standards Act

Pharmacist  ·  Dec. 15, 2017

i don't think pharmacists should be exempt from some of these rules. It's absurd to have them exempt from holiday pay, sick days and vacation pay (I'm not sure if any company actually doesn't pay these). As for hours of work I don't think there should be a max (I like 10-14 shifts) but I do think there should be some sort of paid break available (at least 15-30 mins, but they need to be accessible for emergencies). Corporations are starting to take advantage of pharmacists. I think this relationship needs to be better regulated because this will only get worse and is terrible for our patients. For overtime they should receive time and a half and there should be a minimum wage of at least $40/hour. There is almost no reason why retail pharmacists should be exempt from most of these things. The pharmacy does not need to be shut down to allow a pharmacist to have a small break and all the corporations aren't going out of business if these rules change.

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