Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Public Register (By-law No 3)

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 6, 2014

I don't think it is relevant to make such findings public about a member. As a patient I would like to see my pharmacist is qualified to do the job, if s/he did something wrong which could happen to anyone in any profession, what difference does it make for the quality of care we provide. We are not like physicians where we touch the intimate details of the patient's life. We are not, in the grand scheme of things, affecting their lives either. In a very simple way to explain the profession in a nutshell, we dispense properly medication and we counsel them on how to take it, not a rocket science I think. This momentary contact with the patient doesn't need all these disclosures. Doctors and nurses get involved with the patient's body and psyche onto a deeper level, much prolonged in time and nature, totally different than our scope. Having said that, if the pharmacy found not compliant, I strongly suggest to make that public similar to a restaurant didn't pass safety and cleanliness standards, I should be made aware to make an informed decision in the future.

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