Feedback for Proposed Revisions to By-law No 3 — Fees & Public Register

Pharmacist  ·  Sept. 28, 2015

I would encourage the College to consider decreasing the Membership Annual Renewal Fees.

In the past five years or so, pharmacists salaries have decreased. This is due to many things.

First of all, there are more pharmacist on the market. With two schools of pharmacy, we have many new pharmacists graduating every year. When supply exceeds demand on the market, then pharmacist wages go down.

Secondly, Drug Reform has decreased reimbursement for pharmacy. Although cognitive services such as Pharmaceutical Opinion, Meds Check, Prescribing for Smoking Cessation are a new source of revenue, it is not enough to offset the losses from Drug Reform.

Thirdly, although technicians are becoming Registered, their salary in retail pharmacy has not increased dramatically. The case may be different in hospital pharmacy.

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