Feedback for Proposed Revisions to By-law No 3 — Fees & Public Register

Pharmacist  ·  Sept. 28, 2015

It's obvious that the college is to protect the public from pharmacist but what did the college do to protect the pharmacist when they got abused from public?????? Obviously nothing . The college is not even protecting the whole profession from government cuts!! Still dealing with pharmacists with concepts of very old days that pharmacies is doing very good profits so they should pay more and more . Pharmacist are struggling nowadays to have a shift , they can stay most of the week at home jobless . I see that no increase of fees should be done at all . If inspection costs more then inspectors should experience low salaries exactly like community pharmacist do. A newly licensed pharmacist now is paid a rate of 25$ /hour (before taxes) in GTA. Some pharmacies are cutting from their services and opening hours because they cannot afford to pay all costs after government cuts. what quality of patient care are you protecting? By increasing the fees you are actually protecting government and neglecting public care.

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