Feedback for Proposed Revision of the Code of Ethics

Pharmacist  ·  Oct. 28, 2015

I read the proposed change to the conscientious objection. Here are my issues. 1) It is not being transparent with the patient. Secretly referring to a manager only involves more complexity. What if the manager wants to defer based on conscience? Ultimately, health professionals have a mind, reason and a conscience and covering it up turns people into robots. 2) What if the manager is not available? 3) having an alternate provider available is not always feasible in settings where there is only one pharamcist. 4) justice and harm go both ways. just as a patient can refuse a recommendation which may benefit them, a professional can refuse to follow through with a therapy which may harm a patient. This is patient care, not patient inconveience. 5) I support override the consience clause only in cases of an emergency. Most cases involving life, death and etics have time to resolve and often need to include more than two individuals. 6) referring is still assisting. Some people, based on the strength of their convictions, equate the two as treatment. Ultimately, every case is different and applying set rules to deal with every patient is unrealistic.

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