Feedback for Proposed Revision of the Code of Ethics

Public  ·  Nov. 6, 2015

Congratulations on this proposed Code of Ethics! For several years I have provided one-on-one instruction/consultation for members of health care professions, including Pharmacy. I consistently use the Codes of Ethics from each profession to anchor all remediation/instructional service. Even if the need is for Communication skill development or understanding about boundary crossings, my approach is to base the skill development/learning on the foundation ethical principles (Autonomy, Beneficence ,Non-Malfeasance and Distributive Justice so that the link between the skill/knowledge and the ethical principles are clearly made.I also underscore the obligation of health care professionals as to their Fiduciary obligations to their patients, emphasizing the power imbalance and the vulnerability of patients within that relationship. Your proposals are comprehensive and clear regarding the expectations for Pharmacists to act ethically and professionally, using the ethical principles (timeless, able to withstand scrutiny) as a a basis for practice. Bravo and I especially like that each member will sign a commitment to ethical behaviour. I look forward to hearing the results of your Council's deliberation and the proclamation of a revised Code of Ethics.

Thank you

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