Feedback for Proposed Revisions to By-law No 3 — Fees & Public Register

Pharmacist  ·  Nov. 20, 2015

-I believe that it is professionally more relevant to specify extra certification (e.g. Certified Geriatric Pharmacist) for public knowledge than to list languages (which can be posted at pharmacy level and will probably vary according to staff at work. PLEASE start to add extra educational descriptions to pharmacist information. -I have worked in both hospital and retail pharmacies. Is OCP creating some kind of a schism? There is a lot of variety in pharmacy workplaces. Could we consider that a pharmacy is a pharmacy is a pharmacy? It is unfair and unrealistic to expect, for example, a small hospital pharmacy to pay higher OCP fees than a facility such as the one run by ESI/Eclipse insurance. Fee structures need review and justification to members. Also, has OCP asked for financial assistance of any kind from government sources? For example, I consider that it is unfair that the Ministry of Health subsidizes physicians malpractice insurance, but does not give a similar offer to pharmacists. -Fees for Pharmacy Technicians should be in proportion to their wages as compared with Pharmacist fees. Because we are in a difficult financial climate, fees should all be reviewed, including fees for new members starting to work. OCP can always change fees later, if we achieve a more prosperous future.

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