Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  April 1, 2016

I find it puzzling as to why this discussion even needs to occur. One can only assume it was politics that prevented us from injecting anything except UIIP-covered flu vaccine, as opposed to any real concern about public health. If I can inject flu vaccine, what clinical argument could there possibly be to prevent me from giving virtually any other vaccine to a patient? How is the interest of the patient served under that scenario? There is no therapeutic or clinical reason that we should not have had this scope of practice from the outset. With that said, I have been injecting most vaccines under direct order/medical directive since our authority was established in 2012, so clearly I am in favour of the expansion. I am pleased to see that interns and registered pharmacy students are being considered, however I think the college should take it one step further and start the process to allow Pharmacy Technicians to administer vaccines. In truth, injection is a technical act and the skill set of the pharmacy technician is more than adequate to allow this, with proper injection training of course. Although I believe patients are better served by having access to flu and other vaccinations, Pharmacists are now stuck jabbing people every fall, instead of managing drug therapy, which is what they should be doing. It would show great leadership by the college to move in this direction.

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