Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  April 1, 2016

I am all for and in support of pharmacists expanding their injection skills to theses other vaccines, however, I am seriously concerned with the amount of money we will be reimbursed to perform these extra duties. I look to the Flu Vaccine program as a perfect example. I was all for pharmacists administering flu shots but when they announced the fee they would reimburse us, I immediately had second thoughts. We, as pharmacists, are saving the health care system hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) to administer the annual flu vaccine for such a ridiculously low fee. Actually, it's insulting. Physicians don't do anything differently yet get reimbursed many times more than we do. As pharmacists, we should come together and REFUSE to do these flu vaccines and let the government spends hundreds of thousands of dollars more like the good ol' days. In summary, i agree with pharmacists taking on these extra vaccines but we MUST get reimbursed what physicians get reimbursed else we are selling ourselves short.

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