Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  April 1, 2016

This would be a great idea as long as there is a firm of compensation. We far behind other provinces when it comes to pharmacy services for things like vaccines, minor ailments and so on. However there has to be fair compensation. Personally I didn't get the flu vaccine in my pharmacy because it would've upset the physician I'm working with and with my work flu it wasn't worth the 7 dollars. Many places I know had to hire an overlapping pharmacist which again is extra cost not including fridge costs and increased liability insurance. More importantly than injecting pharmacists should have the ability to prescribe it also. It makes no sense for the patient to pay for a travel clinic and then come pay you for a shot. They can pay for both at one place. Overall it's a great idea if done fairly and in a convenient way. Pharmacy can't afford to be working for very low wage or offer any more free services.

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