Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  April 2, 2016

My mind is divided on whether this will be beneficial to the public & the profession. 1. Pro-amendment: I believe that pharmacists have the necessary skill to do this, and it would lift some burden from the GPs. 2. Anti-amendment: pharmacists face real challenges at the workplace with cut hours (both pharmacists and assistants) and corporate head office will pressure pharmacists to offer vaccines as a walk-in, simply adding in the new duty to workflow. This will simply cause pharmacists to be more overloaded than we already are, and mistakes happen when we are stretched beyond our limit. May not be an issue for slower pharmacies, but busier pharmacies will feel this- and blame will always fall on the pharmacist when they make a mistake, or fail to meet our promise times, to simply "manage our time better"

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