Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  April 5, 2016

Agreed! I would have no problem with pharmacists administering vaccines covered by the public health program. However I would be reluctant to administer the specialty vaccines such as typhoid, yellow fever or Japanese Encephalitis and specialty travel vaccines as it would take some time to ascertain whether these were indeed indicated in a particular patient as travel requirements and recommendations continually change and are updated by the CDC. I also agree with those who are concerned about the added workload that this would put on pharmacists. In spite of the fact that pharmacy technicians can now be regulated and perform many tasks that "should" allow more time for clinical services such as this, the reality is that many stores do not have the resources to hire one. Before administering a vaccine it is imperative that we ascertain the appropriateness of it in any individual and the additional time that it takes to do this will likely take us away from other patients. Could we hope to receive adequate financial compensation for these services -- that is, adequate enough to pay for additional support staff to allow for the time spent? (In reality, most patients are not going to make an appointment for their vaccine and come back at another time even though this would be ideal!). As well, what about pharmacists who do not "believe" in immunizations? While I absolutely do personally, and am certified for injections, I also work in two different community pharmacies one day a week (each) where the owner/pharmacist does not believe in immunizations in general. How would this look or be explained to the public?

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