Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  April 9, 2016

I agree that this expansion of the vaccine program would be beneficial to the healthcare system. I believe that we have the ability to provide this service, so why shouldn't we? As for concerns raise by some about the burden this would put on workload, if there is an appropriate compensation model in place for providing this service, pharmacies should be able have additional pharmacist support to enable this service without affecting workflow. This may also be an opportunity for corporate pharmacies to review their workflow model and attempt to optimize the scope of pharmacy technicians. As for the students and interns, yes they should be able to inject once they have the training. This should also be incorporated into their practical rotations in community pharmacy. How else are they supposed to learn? Nursing students are able to practice within their scope and perform injections, blood draws etc. So why not pharmacy students?

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