Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Public Register – Phase 2 (By-law No 3)

Pharmacist  ·  Jan. 14, 2015

Of course criminal facts are relevant. This all relates to the ability of the professional to be honest, ethical and trustworthy. It is the public/patient's right to know so they can decide whether to trust us with their care. The fact that these items have already not been posted makes it appear like the OCP is like the CPSO, an old boys club protecting it's members and not the public. I was under the impression that criminal conviction was a limiting factor to licensure with OCP, obviously not. Do we have drug dealers, drunk drivers, tax evaders/embezzlers, wife abusers amongst our membership treating the unknowing public. Keeping them in the dark about this is akin to allowing a sexual predator practice gynecology. It is not right.

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