Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  May 12, 2016

Please request the addition of administration of 14-16 yrs age boosters and HPV vaccines to the list administered by Pharmacists. The administration can be billed and recorded using a similar process to the meds check etc for non ODB clients until the new vaccine recored is ready. The administration of these vaccines by Pharmacists would be much more accessible to the public, no appointments, longer hours, close to home, accessible, and provided by a trusted professional with whom the patient already has an established relationship. The recent events in Waterloo highlight the challenges working parents have juggling life, work, aging parents and getting their kids to these appointments. I personally received a warning letter of pending expulsion for my child which caused me a great deal of distress and making me feel like a bad parent when I was simply overwelmed with the requirements of being a working parent today. It would have been wonderful to go to the local Pharmacist across the road where we get our flu shot instead of making an appointment, using badly need vacation time, driving farther and paying parking. I am knowlegeable about the importance of vaccines/boosters and I had difficulty with the current provision of these services. I wonder how other parents manage.

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