Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Public Register – Phase 2 (By-law No 3)

Pharmacist  ·  Jan. 23, 2015

I agree fully with this perception. We are held to a high standard as a result of our position of trust; we're not grocery clerks. If a pharmacy owner is expected to do "due diligence" to search a prospective employee's eligibility, and a history of (for example) diversion is present, it would be good to know that so even if hired, precautions can be put into place. Some pharmacy jurisdictions also use the term "moral turpitude" which applies to your daily life even outside the practice environment. It's a 2-edged sword: we want the professional recognition, but then we don't want details of that "professionalism" released. The public interest is what is being protected here -- not ours -- and in this regard, it's the right choice.

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