Feedback for Proposed Changes to the Pharmacy Act (Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists)

Pharmacist  ·  May 14, 2016

I support pharmacists giving vaccines for travel. The public already expects it. I have had to explain that I am not allowed to give a Twinrix shot because I do not have legislation permitting me to do this.

I do not support students nor interns giving these shots. They need to be comfortable dealing with the public before putting their hands on to patients. The public needs to trust the pharmacy they are dealing with.

The disadvantage of offering more services to the public is that the quality of the core pharmacy services such as catching drug interactions, catching drug related problems in a Meds Check and following up on the problems, may decrease.

I have caught drug interactions, and drug problems from patients discharged from our local hospital, which is top-heavy in registered technicians. Patients in Ontario have already been negatively served with the Chemotherapy fiasco.

Offering more services to the public is a positive, however how do we maintain the quality in pharmacy services?

Last fall our pharmacy gave 800 flu shots. We were so busy that we did not have the time to inform each person's family doctor. The only way doctor's could chart that their patient received the flu shot is if the patient told them.

So now if we expand to Travel vaccinations, how do prescribers know if their patient actually received the vaccination. Will patient's charts in their doctor's offices be incomplete because pharmacy is too busy to send them a fax? How do we close the loop and have prescribers confident that their patients have indeed been vaccinated as prescribed? How do we maintain the quality while having an increased workload?

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