Feedback for Seeking Feedback on Proposed Implementation Timeline for NAPRA's Sterile Compounding Standards

Pharmacy Technician  ·  May 27, 2016

Currently undergoing such changes and the process began 1 year ago. Research alone is ongoing; acquiring products and PPE's suitable for meeting the criteria, workflow analysis, policy and procedure changes are continually under review. The guidance is conflicting and decision making is difficult. The building of a proper anteroom, cleanroom requires a great deal of consideration of current and more importantly future workload and staffing models. Truthfully, funding and current department footprints need thorough consideration before "jumping into changes" A good start, while the planning is underway, is with staff improvement; this will help alleviate the shock of drastic change for some. The funding? Well after 3 proposals from reputable modular cleanroom builders, the end price varied from 400 k to 900+ k. One would think this a "no-brainer" however, cost must not be the only driving factor and that in itself can cause a great deal of delays as advocates will be expected to revisit all of the above aforementioned variables and determine what the department can and cannot "live without" or make provision for. Q= Can a hospital setting get this done in 2 years? NO. It would likely take 3 years and that would require very dedicated people rethinking current practice and footprints to meet the NAPRA/USP 797 Standards. Currently, under the "private practice" setting, we will complete in 2 years but that is with relocation to a larger space; hospitals do not have that luxury and as such, experience more difficulties with the implementation of the guidelines and standards. My personal thought: 3-5 years with constant feedback to and from the accrediting bodies would be required to “get it right” for each individual practice setting. This is not a one model fits all fix and each institution will need to review the financial sustainability of such changes and determine if outsourcing some of the workload is feasible. Talk to those that have begun the process, get ideas, and massage them to fit your model and workload. Collaborate with each other and understand that each has differing vision but that in the end, the Standards must be met to ensure patient and employee safety.

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