Feedback for Seeking Feedback on Proposed Implementation Timeline for NAPRA's Sterile Compounding Standards

Winchester District Memorial Hospital  ·  June 14, 2016

Two years is not enough time for hospitals to implement these changes and become compliant with the NAPRA standards. Many hospitals will require significant renovations requiring capital investment, Bid tenders and approval at multiple levels. I don’t believe that the Province of Ontario or Regional LHINs, given their current financial state, would be allocated any money towards this endeavour. Most hospitals in the province are given very little capital money for requests and are competing with other departments for other major requests. Fund raising may be in order therefore the hospital foundation would be approached for funds but time is needed to fundraise. Budgets are already in place for 2017/18. Then there is the time required for planning, building, training, developing policies and procedures etc. Expertise is also a big concern. Are the hospital pharmacists expected to guide the decisions on renovations to meet standards? We are clinical experts in the field of oncology but not well versed on mechanical ventilation, HEPA filter requirements, positive/negative pressure requirements for rooms….and it’s very hard to find those experts! OCP should find the experts for surrounding areas of specific LHINS with a specific mandate to do all the hospital assessments within the next year. The report would also be shared with OCP and a reasonable timeline for implementation would then be agreed upon. Regional cancer units with bigger budgets will have a major advantage with these new guidelines given that they have more money from the province. Rural hospitals with care closer to home for patients have limited funds and are considered satellites for the Urban centres. The suggested guidelines and 2 year timeline is completely unreasonable for satellites, not to mention we don’t have experts in the field of retrofitting chemo suites to meet these standards. WDMH is the biggest oncology satellite in Ontario. These standards and timeline would threaten the survival of our program. We believe that a more appropriate time-line would be 5 years after the experts have given their recommendations on requirements to meet the NAPRA standards. As mentioned previously, OCP should have a set reference list of experts for the province to ensure hospitals are steered in the right directions and that all requirements are met. A two year mandate would simply result in forced closing of oncology sites, loss of employment and diminished patient care in forcing chemotherapy in overcrowded urban centres.

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