Feedback for Seeking Feedback on Proposed Implementation Timeline for NAPRA's Sterile Compounding Standards

Pharmacist  ·  June 15, 2016

I strongly disagree with the unaltered adoption of NAPRA's terminology with respect to provision of compounds on a "patient-specific"-only basis. Canada is suffering from the worst drug shortages in its history. The ability of hospitals, as one example, to access products for provision to their patients will be even more severely compromised. Also, specialists in urology and pain management frequently request "Office Use" prescriptions in order to administer test doses in their clinics. As a compounding pharmacist, I receive requests to supply non-commercially-available compounds all the time. The College must replace the terminology put forward by NAPRA in order to preserve the long-standing, convenient, safe, and effective practice of prescribing extemporaneous compounds "for Office Use". Failure to do so may result in an "out-of-province" situation, whereby any province that does not adopt the NAPRA Standards unchanged will provide their pharmacy practitioners with an unfair advantage in this regard. It would be egregious for the College to allow this to happen.

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