Feedback for Seeking Feedback on Proposed Implementation Timeline for NAPRA's Sterile Compounding Standards

Pharmacist  ·  June 30, 2016

Setting standards are an important part of maintaining a current place of practice. When new standards are developed and implementation dates are set, fiscal implications are the unfortunate reality that controls our ability to meet the standards.

In this era of continuous cuts to funding for hospitals, meeting standards within a short period of time will inevitably affect patient care. Hospitals can have the “gold standard” facility but will the health care system be able to then provide the funds for the medications themselves or the wages for the health care professionals?

I think it would be reasonable to ask facilities to have a plan in place by 2018, with implementation completion by 2021. This will allow for a 5 year period in which hospitals can plan structural changes without paying unreasonable costs. It would also allow for suppliers to develop more economical products to meet the demand of the centres requiring new equipment and technology.

“Haste makes waste”, and the system can not afford unnecessary waste.

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