Feedback for Seeking Feedback on Non-Sterile Compounding Standards

Pharmacist  ·  Oct. 26, 2016

Some questions I have: 1. Will the NAPRA guidelines be aligned with USP797 or U800? 2. If a pharmacy has a laminar flow hood, will this require certification? 3. If a pharmacy has compounding facility, will the failure to comply impact pharmacy operations 4. Will accreditation or certification for pharmacist be provided? Is there an essentials in compounding course that is mandatory in order to have a compounding facility? 5. What about locations that are compounding medications independently and are not registered as pharmacies? 6. Will physicians partnered with compounding facilities require registration with the OCP? 7. Will the college provide classification on what is categorized as hazardous (cytotoxic) and non-hazardous? 8. Will the facility only apply to compounded mixture for IVs or Oral drugs too (Methotrexate)? 9. Will the college provided a list of accredited organizations that can validate cytotoxic hoods?

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