Feedback for Implementation of Continuous Quality Assurance for Medication Safety

Pharmacy Technician  ·  April 6, 2017

It’s always a good idea to improve quality of work. I’m enthusiastic to support improvement. However, the issue is more complicated than just report a mistake and never make it again. We already have ISMP, at our pharmacy we also have internal incidents reporting system. Adding more paperwork or just extra writing will take more of that precious time we already don’t have enough. We don’t make mistakes on purpose! Rush is a major donating source (sometimes dispensary feels like a factory conveyer). Doctors with their terrible handwritings contribute a great deal - calling, faxing, trying to reach them to clarify a prescription takes a lot of time. Medications going on back order “help” as well. And so on, and so forth. Would be very helpful to have one centralized system that includes all the parties, and observes all the factors.

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