Feedback for Implementation of Continuous Quality Assurance for Medication Safety

Pharmacist  ·  April 6, 2017
  1. Do you see the CQA program benefiting practice in your own pharmacy?

Not sure, as at Costco we are sharing these kind of proposed details internally and analyzed by our dead office already. Means we have a full system in place to track trends, errors, near miss, etc. On top of that details by whether the error coming from a copied prescription or a new one, lots of details.

  1. What would support successful implementation?

Transparency is the key, once happened report it in full. Again at Costco the consequences of not reporting is far more serious than reporting on time.

  1. How could the College help with the implementation?

Use Costco as an example to educate the pharmacists. Our forms are thorough and the analysis is spectacular far exceeding the industry standards. By the way that is happening in all areas of our practice, we are obliged to do a weekly full narcotic reconciliation!

  1. What are you are already doing in your pharmacy around CQI and continuing quality assurance?

I think I answered that already, each case is fully documented on time and reported to head office. each pharmacist has the full authority to report any error even my own errors- as a pharmacy manager-.

  1. Is it reasonable to implement the CQA program in two phases?

No, one giant step is needed

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