Feedback for Implementation of Continuous Quality Assurance for Medication Safety

Pharmacist  ·  April 17, 2017

If such sharing of information will "help prevent repetition" then why do they still continue when every case before the Discipline Committee carries a general deterrent component for the profession? I don't believe this for a minute, because it's already in place via reports from Discipline and yet you see the same types of incidents repeat themselves -- often with no increased penalty. The public expects to be protected by the regulatory authority, as it always states that its actions must be "public interest" first. To possibly suggest that by self-reporting a level of "protection" is now instituted does a disservice to the public. Once a type of error is reported to the membership (e.g., via Pharmacy Connection or other means), from that date forward a similar incident occurring should be met with increased consequences, which would send the message that errors are not "something that goes with the turf." We're the gatekeepers -- the last bastion of protection for the patient -- and we're taught to do everything in systems, procedures, etc. to prevent any type of error from occurring.
So let's not suggest that "voluntary reporting" should be allowed to lessen the consequences, especially when a pattern of such behaviour is shown and those reports are not deterring such incidences. That also has to be considered here.

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